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All of our classes are for both male and female's. We are strong believers that gender is no obstacle. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you are prepared to train hard and not give up you are welcome to train and progress as far as you'd like within the club.

Are the classes for both men and women?

You may come down to the club to watch or take part in your first session for the standard price. After this if you wish to join the club please download to membership form HERE and bring it to your next class, fully complete and up to date with the correct details.


How do i become a member?

In order to get the full benefits out of the training, you should attempt to come to all the classes each week (dependant on age). We do understand that other commitments may make you unavailable, if this is the case please let one of our instructors know. 

How many classes am i expected to attend per week?

Beginners will start by training in the mixed class. Often they will have help from an instructor, but students usually get the hang of things quickly as lots of help is given by other students. Take a look at the timetable and updates to see when classes are on and if there are any changes.

If you would like to gain some basic knowledge before joining the class, we offer one to one training that will allow you to get in better shape and confidently join the class when you feel ready.


How often do you have beginners' classes?


Our suits are white and black, therefore if possible we ask that you wear a white T-shirt with jogging bottoms, however it is best to wear comfortable, loose clothing such as tracksuits with a T-shirt or similar and flat shoes. If you decide to join our club you can purchase the full suit from our head instructor. 


Each student has his or her own pace. If you have the time to attend once a week and make sure that you continue training in your spare time, you will progress much quicker. Bear in mind that attending classes is not the whole story. You will be expected to train and practice what you have been taught in class at home. Our top students are those who continue to practice until the movements become like second nature, only then can they be effective.

How long does it take to become proficient in the arts?


Typically, in the mixed class there are about 10-15 junior students, 5-10 adult students and 3 instructors. Our classes are not too big so everyone has a better chance to learn and get more from their training.